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     ARGI Goals

  • The promotion and strengthening of scientific research, education, and domestic and international cooperation in the field of engineering geology and the interaction between geology and the works and the activities carried out by humans;
  • Collaboration with other scientific societies and associations, with the near-profile in the country and abroad;
  • Updating scientific knowledge of its members and strengthen the orientation to natural environmental protection in the development of geological engineering solutions;
  • Stimulating the interest of specialists, managers, decision makers, but also the legislature toward the role of engineering geologists in optimizing the relationship between the construction (in the broad sense) and the geological environment;
  • Encouraging the exchange of opinions between specialists and various scientific and design institutes in the country and abroad;
  • Conducting scientific research contracts in the field of engineering geology;
  • Promoting the principles of professional ethics and supporting recovery of the original ideas.

Achieving these objectives is made through the meetings and discussions of some aspects of the work of the members or of the participating institutions, holding domestic and international symposia on problems of engineering geology, participating as a NGO at the strategies of some key activities, promotion the calendar of scientific events, domestic and international, as well as of publications received by the International Association of Engineering Geology, etc.