ro gb


  • Social participation with other members of the association in order to collaborate and promote national and international exchange of experience in geology engineering field;
  • Attending meetings and debates of some projects or activity aspects of members or participating institutions within internal events held periodically inside the Faculty of Geology and Geophysics (roundtables, conferences);
  • Opportunity of active participation, as a speaker at national and international symposiums with reserch papers on issues of geology engineering in order to assess peer review;
  • The author will take notice reviewers recommendations and observations to improve the quality of the article or scientific paper presented at  mettings;
  • Periodically notification by e-mail on the national and international scientific events calendar and an invitation to participate in them;
  • Updating scientific knowledge on new theories emerged in geology engineering;
  • Promotion and affirmation of scientific research and education community with geological engineers and geophysicists locally through exchange of views and experience between different scientific and design institutes in the country and abroad